Player Registrations for 2023-24

The table will be updated throughout the season when new players are registered with the Leicestershire Badminton Association.

Player No

Player Forename

Player Surname

Club Name


4006 Sue Cripwell Ashby F
4008 Mary Jessop Ashby F
6681 Yvonne Siwek Ashby F
8246 Sarah Cave Ashby F
8248 Mary Goacher Ashby F
8746 Sukie Sidhu Ashby F
8747 Kay Richards Ashby F
1029 Anthony Cripwell Ashby M
1033 Peter Goadby Ashby M
1036 Peter Molyneux Ashby M
1510 Adam O'Connor Ashby M
6666 Russ Meddes Ashby M
6932 Richard Townsend Ashby M
7088 Edward Curaton Ashby M
7189 Tom Townsend Ashby M
7745 Laurent Alidieres Ashby M
8370 Richard Heap Ashby M
8547 Villash Pillai Ashby M
8871 Simon Freeman Ashby M
8872 Phil Coolings Ashby M
8873 Stuart Baker Ashby M
8874 Julian Day Ashby M
8875 David Deacon Ashby M
8965 Tom Beavin Ashby M
5376 Mina Sumaria Central Leicester F
5575 Lesley Howes Central Leicester F
5576 Ann Cooper Central Leicester F
5578 Susie Small Central Leicester F
7563 Caroline Abraham Central Leicester F
8465 Raj Dulkoan Central Leicester F
8735 Emma Williamson Central Leicester F
8737 Yvonne Ma Central Leicester F
8825 Amy King Central Leicester F
8827 Sufyaana Dhanji Central Leicester F
8840 Sam Hall Central Leicester F
8848 Ling Shek Central Leicester F
8849 Keerthi Maddineni Central Leicester F
1508 Andy Kitchen Central Leicester M
2504 Edward Hayes Central Leicester M
2575 Greg Howes Central Leicester M
2581 Prakash Pattni Central Leicester M
2582 Darrel Robinson Central Leicester M
6387 Ajay Pitrola Central Leicester M
6559 Tom Leigh Central Leicester M
6572 Paul Callow Central Leicester M
6958 Tom King Central Leicester M
7052 Saran Durairaj Central Leicester M
7485 Riaz Docrat Central Leicester M
7962 Rahul Navinchandra Central Leicester M
8155 Keith Stockdale Central Leicester M
8175 Daanish Narvel Central Leicester M
8223 Yashin Osmangani Central Leicester M
8253 Robin Patel Central Leicester M
8304 Punit Modi Central Leicester M
8311 David Cairns Central Leicester M
8327 Vaibhav Rawji Central Leicester M
8329 Alex Young Central Leicester M
8416 Eddie Patchett Central Leicester M
8417 Gabriel Davey Central Leicester M
8506 Abraham Isaac Central Leicester M
8680 Gopaldev Woosye Central Leicester M
8734 Dheeru Ramireddy Central Leicester M
8836 Jim Kitchen Central Leicester M
8847 Nakorn Pinsiranon Central Leicester M
8850 Sam Ling Central Leicester M
8851 Yash Sidhar Central Leicester M
8852 Harrison Bassett Central Leicester M
8853 Kaavi Mistry Central Leicester M
8854 Kalan Mistry Central Leicester M
8855 Ajay Verma Central Leicester M
4262 Alex North Croakers F
7103 Lin Lau Croakers F
7548 Katie Fleming Croakers F
7641 Emily Cornwall Croakers F
7931 Anisa Jetha Croakers F
8130 Danielle Boat Croakers F
8742 Francesca Favell Croakers F
8860 Bejal Lad Croakers F
2854 Carl Herbert Croakers M
2856 Jed Smith Croakers M
2859 Alex Lilly Croakers M
6211 Pete Morris Croakers M
6296 Raheel Bhatti Croakers M
6431 Raj Rahul Croakers M
6648 Steve Warner Croakers M
6704 Andy Stevens Croakers M
6705 James Herbert Croakers M
7551 Damon Baxter Croakers M
7707 Ian Jefferies Croakers M
7708 Colin Jones Croakers M
7842 Hermes J D'Souza Croakers M
8049 Russell Hawkins Croakers M
8336 Tehseen Shahid Croakers M
8364 Daegan Holland Croakers M
8365 Ian Hitchcock Croakers M
8511 Tim Haq Croakers M
8512 Vincent See Croakers M
8681 Dylan Xue Croakers M
8703 Muhammad Asghar Croakers M
8743 Vishal Vazkar Croakers M
8758 Dominic Rosario Croakers M
8815 Sherwin Siahetiong Croakers M
8861 Aaron Rabheru Croakers M
8692 Megan Wright De Montfort University F
8795 Jemima Osborne De Montfort University F
8928 Angelica Mercado De Montfort University F
8929 Diya J Kazhunnadiyil De Montfort University F
8930 Lisa Tyrrell De Montfort University F
8931 Hasna Yasseen De Montfort University F
8932 Gurupriya Karasala De Montfort University F
8933 Pranali Lad De Montfort University F
8934 Sophiya T Magar De Montfort University F
8935 Sree Lakshmi De Montfort University F
8972 Lilly Cheung De Montfort University F
8812 Divyansh Singh De Montfort University M
8936 Shahzaib Ali De Montfort University M
8937 Shuhaas Mikkilineni De Montfort University M
8938 Manav Yvas De Montfort University M
8939 Brian Balami De Montfort University M
8940 Jay Hemutkumar De Montfort University M
8554 Natalie Jackson Feathers F
8555 Tracy Jones Feathers F
8556 Nicole Main Feathers F
8876 Eleanor Bowditch Feathers F
8877 Katie Allin Feathers F
8878 Louise Taylor Feathers F
7132 John Fannon Feathers M
7754 Peter Wheat Feathers M
7756 Steve Chapman Feathers M
7861 Joe Collier Feathers M
8553 Gary Joy Feathers M
8755 Ian Anderson Feathers M
8770 Tom Scott-Collins Feathers M
8879 Andrew Howard Feathers M
8880 James Titmus Feathers M
8925 Stephen Warford Feathers M
1560 Alan Kelb Foresters M
7036 Carl Whitehead Foresters M
8034 Thomas Callow Foresters M
8052 Chris Davies Foresters M
8411 Rob Morton Foresters M
8510 Jacob Edwards Foresters M
8707 Ashley Bickerstaff Foresters M
8834 Paul Ennis Foresters M
8835 Haq Gul Foresters M
7792 Raza Hussain Highfields M
8428 Asif Sheikh Highfields M
8429 Khalid Esat Highfields M
8430 Mohammad A Matloob Highfields M
8434 Mohammed Chaka Highfields M
8435 Zuned Kasu Highfields M
8438 Mohammed Sadar Highfields M
8440 Shiraz Issa Highfields M
8495 Mohammed Admani Highfields M
8502 Thasin Nazir Highfields M
8816 Ibrahim Parth Highfields M
8817 Ismail Chaka Highfields M
8870 Khalis Mulla Highfields M
8927 Hitesh Gokani Highfields M
8958 Yunus Abdulwahid Highfields M
1261 Ben Kingston Huncote M
2403 Stuart Mcleod Huncote M
2655 Brian Smith Huncote M
7675 Dave Collins Huncote M
8131 Richard James Huncote M
8261 Paul Greengrass Huncote M
8799 Tas Agiyle Huncote M
8800 James Abbott Huncote M
8801 Sakya Singh Huncote M
8926 Michael Chesney Huncote M
1851 Steve Adams Leicester Aces M
1864 Maurice Roberts Leicester Aces M
2205 Steve Heath Leicester Aces M
6891 Kiran Mistry Leicester Aces M
7521 Hitesh Khodiyar Leicester Aces M
7585 Donovan Lim Leicester Aces M
7682 James Hurst Leicester Aces M
7907 Birju Sinroja Leicester Aces M
8074 Furqaan Mahomed Leicester Aces M
8142 Akash Vyas Leicester Aces M
8143 Chirag Vala Leicester Aces M
8669 Arbass Shaikh Leicester Aces M
8682 William Stevely Leicester Aces M
8688 Vijay Ravat Leicester Aces M
8727 Jordan Ng Leicester Aces M
8739 Haseeb Ahmed Leicester Aces M
8759 Anugu Reddy Leicester Aces M
8760 Prit Patel Leicester Aces M
8911 Avez Iqbal Aly Leicester Aces M
8912 Anas Kasmani Leicester Aces M
8947 Sam Samuel Leicester Aces M
8971 Yining Kuang Leicester Aces M
8919 Devishi Mathur Leicester University F
8920 Lucy Atkins Leicester University F
8921 Kundana Reddy Leicester University F
8922 Kareen Patel Leicester University F
8923 Priya Paramisivan Leicester University F
8962 Shreya Srinivasan Leicester University F
8973 Isha Alapati Leicester University F
8914 Aryan Lad Leicester University M
8915 Christopher Tyler Leicester University M
8916 Anshul Ramarath Leicester University M
8917 Amod Walvekar Leicester University M
8918 Neil Shi Leicester University M
8959 Adwaith Suresh Leicester University M
8960 Yuyang Zeng Leicester University M
8961 Yifan Liao Leicester University M
8974 Dharshan Kumar Leicester University M
8975 Akash V Manikandan Leicester University M
4901 Anna Bertram Loughborough F
4906 Emma Ault Loughborough F
6033 Sheryl Williams Loughborough F
7042 Sarita Patel Loughborough F
7141 Zoe King Loughborough F
7839 Jing Wang Loughborough F
7853 Stephanie Harper Loughborough F
8028 Jules Vermaak Loughborough F
8373 Violet Shaw Loughborough F
8802 Brunette D Lobo Loughborough F
8863 Natasha Coyle Loughborough F
8948 Pui Ling Khi Loughborough F
1915 Mark King Loughborough M
1922 John Sleath Loughborough M
6089 Babu Gohil Loughborough M
6090 Jewel-Abul Oliullah Loughborough M
6128 Tom Armstrong Loughborough M
6362 Chris Hall Loughborough M
6914 Wayne Chan Loughborough M
7333 Ryan King Loughborough M
7568 Sam Wood Loughborough M
7856 Owen King Loughborough M
8027 Alok Choudhary Loughborough M
8076 Farhad Ahmed Loughborough M
8138 Harry Clare Loughborough M
8164 Rowan Clark Loughborough M
8270 Cheng Pu Loughborough M
8271 Roshan Dhanji Loughborough M
8302 Ieuan Phillips Loughborough M
8380 Michael Shaw Loughborough M
8548 Melvin Chan Loughborough M
8705 Leo Man Wan Loughborough M
8762 Joe Franks Loughborough M
8763 Alex Vermaak Loughborough M
8764 Hugo Sasai Loughborough M
8824 George Clare Loughborough M
8842 Jason Hallam Loughborough M
8885 Ross Abraham Loughborough M
8949 Marco Cheng Loughborough M
8952 Nathan Tjahjono Loughborough M
8953 Will Foster Loughborough M
8954 Ihsaan Hassain Loughborough M
8963 Demetrius Chan Loughborough M
8964 Samuel Pun Loughborough M
8976 Ibthi Oli Loughborough M
6216 Catherine Collins Loughborough Leys F
6276 Steph Coates Loughborough Leys F
6535 Natalie Reed Loughborough Leys F
6580 Sophie English Loughborough Leys F
7136 Nicki Samji Loughborough Leys F
7205 Kristen Dy Loughborough Leys F
7701 Ella Haines Loughborough Leys F
7703 Chloe Wilkins Loughborough Leys F
7957 Alix Ritchie Loughborough Leys F
8339 Mia Clark Loughborough Leys F
8415 Emma Butterworth Loughborough Leys F
8676 Grace Lui Loughborough Leys F
8704 Jessica Zhao Loughborough Leys F
8738 Laura Veldre Loughborough Leys F
8856 Jenny Haynes Loughborough Leys F
8857 Alice Moffatt Loughborough Leys F
8881 Dalu Zhang Loughborough Leys F
1926 James White Loughborough Leys M
1952 Carl Bannister Loughborough Leys M
1973 Ivan Sherlock Loughborough Leys M
1983 Ross Halliwell Loughborough Leys M
2026 Nick Riddle Loughborough Leys M
6571 Salim Shehzad Loughborough Leys M
6677 David Whitcroft Loughborough Leys M
6690 James Evans Loughborough Leys M
6771 Nicholas Allen Loughborough Leys M
7822 Cameron Collins Loughborough Leys M
8099 Tom Pawley Loughborough Leys M
8132 William Sewell Loughborough Leys M
8139 Joe Goodenough Loughborough Leys M
8338 Kieran Evans Loughborough Leys M
8367 Dani Hilmi Loughborough Leys M
8473 Ravi Harji Loughborough Leys M
8714 Jack Rogerson Loughborough Leys M
8740 Thomas Gallagher Loughborough Leys M
8741 Kieran Screeton Loughborough Leys M
8804 Rhys Campbell Loughborough Leys M
8882 Sam Rogers Loughborough Leys M
8913 Jin Yu Loughborough Leys M
8957 Harry Franklin Loughborough Leys M
8193 Cindy Ng Loughborough Students F
8515 Molly Thompson Loughborough Students F
8517 Madison Griffiths Loughborough Students F
8518 Rachel J Cherickal Loughborough Students F
8772 Lucy Hicks Loughborough Students F
8773 Rachel Crabb Loughborough Students F
8774 Macy Bechemin Loughborough Students F
8777 Bethryn Keysell-Fitzpatrick Loughborough Students F
8886 Emily Carpenter Loughborough Students F
8887 Sadie Brooks Loughborough Students F
8888 Becka Ellis Loughborough Students F
8889 Katie Banfield Loughborough Students F
8890 Katie Harrington Loughborough Students F
8891 Emily Hall Loughborough Students F
8892 Taylor Smith Loughborough Students F
8893 Sophie Robinson Loughborough Students F
8894 Lucy Dracup Loughborough Students F
8895 Katie Atkins Loughborough Students F
8296 Harley Nicholls Loughborough Students M
8448 Alexander Buck Loughborough Students M
8529 Tom Crabtree Loughborough Students M
8532 Yash Deshpande Loughborough Students M
8533 Harry Lee Loughborough Students M
8534 Richie Wu Loughborough Students M
8535 Ed Fricker Loughborough Students M
8539 Sam Gibson Loughborough Students M
8542 Ben Dawson Loughborough Students M
8545 Alex Beaumont Loughborough Students M
8674 Toby Ross Loughborough Students M
8675 Russell Elsdon Loughborough Students M
8696 Ben Taylor Loughborough Students M
8781 Zack Hooton Loughborough Students M
8785 Sam Skelcher-Maxwell Loughborough Students M
8786 Lichang Lu Loughborough Students M
8787 Peter Booker Loughborough Students M
8896 Jacob Smith Loughborough Students M
8897 Andy Wu Loughborough Students M
8898 Kaveen Rajan Loughborough Students M
8899 Shuheng Zhang Loughborough Students M
8900 Ben Chater Loughborough Students M
8901 Jacob Lo Loughborough Students M
8902 Isaac Thomas Loughborough Students M
8903 Mihir Apte Loughborough Students M
8904 Mikey Wright Loughborough Students M
8905 Zac Reyes Loughborough Students M
8906 Thomas Rock Loughborough Students M
8907 Wooseok Kim Loughborough Students M
8908 Robin Cong Loughborough Students M
8909 Jamie Daly Loughborough Students M
8910 Thomas Armstrong Loughborough Students M
4851 Cathy Buckler Masters F
1855 Richard Dayman Masters M
1868 Dave Watts Masters M
5215 Jackie Ellis Melton OG F
7172 Linda Hallam Melton OG F
7517 Tracy White Melton OG F
7710 Stephinie Pick Melton OG F
7751 Marie Jones Melton OG F
7979 Robyn Warwick Melton OG F
8109 Claire Measures Melton OG F
8829 Lisa Cockerill Melton OG F
8858 Emma Smith Melton OG F
7171 Steve Moyses Melton OG M
7182 Simon Lenton Melton OG M
7449 Nick Newman Melton OG M
7974 Slyvester Cheung Melton OG M
8125 Oliver Cooter Melton OG M
8126 Mitchell Summers-Hall Melton OG M
8347 Barry Pick Melton OG M
8350 James Eccles Melton OG M
8352 Nick Warner Melton OG M
8549 Matt Broadhead Melton OG M
8684 Ray Phillips Melton OG M
8715 Stephen Robinson Melton OG M
8859 Craig Wilson Melton OG M
8944 Giles Goddard Melton OG M
8966 Casey Miller Melton OG M
8967 Toby Sharpe Melton OG M
8968 Paul Parker Melton OG M
5510 Hayley Mogg Meltonshire F
6508 Lisa Pycroft Meltonshire F
7173 Sally Brown Meltonshire F
7985 Kerry Durham Meltonshire F
8400 Susie Dilloway Meltonshire F
8414 Lesley Griffin Meltonshire F
8467 Jasmine Gilbert Meltonshire F
8943 Vicky Ringland Meltonshire F
8956 Harriet Brecknock Meltonshire F
2201 Neville Adams Meltonshire M
2207 Nigel Lewis Meltonshire M
2212 Paul Sanders Meltonshire M
2214 Mitch Smart Meltonshire M
6200 David Hemens Meltonshire M
6388 John Easom Meltonshire M
6926 Adam Lewis Meltonshire M
7030 Chris Bramley Meltonshire M
7033 Tom L'Homme Meltonshire M
7183 Martyn Aley Meltonshire M
7750 Dan Christmas Meltonshire M
8145 Mick Poyser Meltonshire M
8146 Phil Pugh Meltonshire M
8181 Lee Corry Meltonshire M
8822 Dave Shepherd Meltonshire M
8844 George Poyser Meltonshire M
8868 Yvez McKenzie Meltonshire M
8869 Dominic White Meltonshire M
8924 Jon Adams Meltonshire M
6305 Umesh Patel Millenium/Olympic M
6314 Manoj Ghelani Millenium/Olympic M
6315 Bhadresh Ghelani Millenium/Olympic M
6367 Pawan Tyagi Millenium/Olympic M
6979 Nikesh Dattani Millenium/Olympic M
7719 Vishal Somani Millenium/Olympic M
7720 Rishi Bathia Millenium/Olympic M
6015 Sarah Cotterell North Leicester F
6547 Sue Mackley North Leicester F
6716 Angela Hawley North Leicester F
8488 Layla Paling North Leicester F
8838 Shruti Banerjee North Leicester F
1116 Peter Matthews North Leicester M
2775 Richard Clarke North Leicester M
2777 Keith Cotterell North Leicester M
7227 David Barker North Leicester M
7784 Chris Hornsby North Leicester M
7809 Gareth Gibbs North Leicester M
8107 Daniel Webb North Leicester M
8485 John Millar North Leicester M
8753 Kenny Balla North Leicester M
8883 Adam Kelly North Leicester M
8884 Igor Suchodolski North Leicester M
4503 Jenny Maycock Quorn F
5926 Jude Mellor Quorn F
5975 Jo Woodward Quorn F
7831 Amy Kent Quorn F
7960 Sarah Phillips Quorn F
8750 Natasha Rayczyk Quorn F
2951 James Aldrich Quorn M
2952 Jason Tuckwood Quorn M
6077 Girish Jinabhai Quorn M
6675 Michael Wragge Quorn M
8217 Gillan Woodward Quorn M
8224 Rob Hartley Quorn M
8721 Jules Crowle Quorn M
8792 Soumy Sharma Quorn M
8862 Michael Norwell Quorn M
2479 Situl Kotecha Regal Arts M
2480 Vikesh Mody Regal Arts M
2481 Ritesh Mody Regal Arts M
2487 Sachin Hirani Regal Arts M
2495 Sunnie Raja Regal Arts M
6084 Nasser Farouk Regal Arts M
6168 Carl Goode Regal Arts M
6177 Sanjay Pattni Regal Arts M
6516 Vijay Patel Regal Arts M
6659 Nakul Rajani Regal Arts M
6939 Mebin Matthew Regal Arts M
7089 Ramesh Babu Regal Arts M
7090 Ricky Raja Regal Arts M
7148 Mantej Singh Bahra Regal Arts M
7458 Mark Botterill Regal Arts M
7838 Sameer Chenia Regal Arts M
7896 Ravi Chauhan Regal Arts M
7911 Vishal Modi Regal Arts M
7972 Srinivas Arun Regal Arts M
8041 Tom Gillet Regal Arts M
8124 Khalid Jakhura Regal Arts M
8268 Rahul Shaji Regal Arts M
8269 Rohith Shaji Regal Arts M
8306 Ravi Rajani Regal Arts M
8677 Emmanuel Sali Regal Arts M
8706 Nishanth Chinthalapalli Regal Arts M
4856 Amelia Dowdye South Leicestershire F
5655 Lorraine MacNeill South Leicestershire F
5666 Jenny Bodicoat South Leicestershire F
6919 Sue Mahmood South Leicestershire F
7201 Wembley Prince South Leicestershire F
7526 Jennifer Decker South Leicestershire F
7645 Charlotte Hartley South Leicestershire F
7938 Prina Karia South Leicestershire F
8272 Emily Gallacher South Leicestershire F
8384 Emma Thornley South Leicestershire F
8388 Phoebe Moore South Leicestershire F
8941 Kaylah Pedro Ward South Leicestershire F
8942 Philippa D Skipp South Leicestershire F
8969 Kate Litchfield South Leicestershire F
1932 Andrew Frost South Leicestershire M
2657 Ian Bosworth South Leicestershire M
2660 Darren Riches South Leicestershire M
2663 Darren Smith South Leicestershire M
6194 Daniel Moore South Leicestershire M
6206 Tom Bradbury South Leicestershire M
6238 Mark Cooper South Leicestershire M
6480 Chris Poli South Leicestershire M
6611 Tahir Mahmood South Leicestershire M
6892 Andrew Wilson South Leicestershire M
6901 Eddie Cheung South Leicestershire M
6965 Stefan Roy South Leicestershire M
7096 Richard Allen South Leicestershire M
7198 Mark Jefferies South Leicestershire M
8419 Jack Smith South Leicestershire M
8458 Neil Collins South Leicestershire M
8559 Elliot Tanser South Leicestershire M
8662 Rajith Rajoli South Leicestershire M
8698 Tom Platzer South Leicestershire M
8945 Rohan Shergill South Leicestershire M
8970 Tom Nown South Leicestershire M
2381 Dave Morcom Trinity M
7335 Ian Gee Trinity M
7631 Chris King Trinity M
7633 Dan Martyres Trinity M
7716 Prem Chander Trinity M
7817 Neil Pulsford Trinity M
7819 Darren Moore Trinity M
8029 Tom Lowry Trinity M
8116 Sam Webster Trinity M
8174 Kiranam Singumahanti Trinity M
8233 Alex Cullen Trinity M
8423 Shahin Mitha Trinity M
8471 Khalid Khan Trinity M
8767 Ben Black Trinity M
8768 Jacob Sohanpal Trinity M
8841 Ethan Griffiths Trinity M
8843 Hitesh Godhaniya Trinity M
8864 Jack Summerfield Trinity M
8865 Sam Berry Trinity M
8866 Paul Bains Trinity M
8867 Euan Brodie Trinity M
8946 Isaac Porter Trinity M
8951 Daniel Murley Trinity M
4958 Amie Hoult Whitwick F
4962 Carole Spencer Whitwick F
7820 Eve Dale Whitwick F
7992 Tilly Dale Whitwick F
7996 Tamsin Betts Whitwick F
8445 Lexie Rose Edwards Whitwick F
8450 Matilda Sherwin Whitwick F
8483 Katie Hoult Whitwick F
8513 Sylvie Walker Whitwick F
8955 Lola Dale Whitwick F
8679 Leo Grady Whitwick M
8819 Gregg Dawson Whitwick M
8950 Oliver Sewell Whitwick M